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Dairy Profit Analyzer 5.0
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New 120 day Dashboard
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“Dairy Profit Analyzer 5.0 greatly enhances management’s ability to detect critical changes in dairy production systems. The first step is to understand the variation in the portion of a dairy that accounts for 80-90% of the change in profitability.” says Dr. Dan Little, President/CEO of DairyNet Inc.
Use daily information to identify sources of variation to develop an action plan to improve profitability.
News and Announcements
DairyNet announces the release of Dairy Profit Analyzer 5.0, an improved seamless online application to track health, production and profitability for dairy operations.

Dairy Profit Analyzer 5.0 allows dairy producers to track financial and production data to improve management decisions with more accurate predictions of profitability and efficiency. Dairy Profit Analyzer 5.0 still offers the great features of 4.0, including the ability to benchmark a dairy’s information to determine a breakeven cost. Some of the New Features of DPA 5.0 include: customization for logo branding, international units, and a 120 day Dashboard. The 120 day dashboard allows you to see snapshot graphs on milk quality, dry matter intake, daily feed costs, income over feed cost and many other parameters. Dairy Profit Analyzer allows producers to evaluate the sources of variation and diagnose limitations to improve profitability.

Check out the free Profitability Tools under “Applications” in the menu bar. You may find these calculators helpful in determining ration costs, and variation in milk quality or other data for your farm.

Click Here to set-up a free user name and password to gain access to two example herds. Please click on the “Contact Us” to send us an email to answer questions or for more information. We hope that you enjoy the benefits of Dairy Profit Analyzer Version 5.0!