What We Do
Who are we?
DairyNet is a Dairy Consulting Group that specializes in the design, modification, and implementation of Dairy Production Systems.
What is our goal?
Our goal is to assure animal comfort and health, environmental quality, food safety, production efficiency and client profitability.
How do we do it?
Coordination – making things happen
DairyNet looks for ways to improve coordination, to ensure that the people, teams and the entire department are working together as they work toward the goal of producing value for Dairy Producers.
Technology – the science of managing commitments
DairyNet helps clients to develop the technical infrastructure needed to effectively coordinate and manage the their dairy operations.
Trust – consistently fulfilling commitments in a timely manner
DairyNet believes that an enterprise is a network of commitments. We work to achieve trust relationships among team members by assisting them in fulfilling their commitments to each other and the enterprise.